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Being a good chipper allows you to be a more aggressive iron player and gives you the ability to play your approach shots without fear which in turn will help you to lower your scores.

Learning to play chip shots correctly leads to better ball striking throughout the rest of your game. I come across amateur players who break their wrists at the point of contact with the ball on a regular basis. This action results in a “scooping motion” and inconsistency with their chip shots.

Practice with these points in mind and you will without doubt increase your par saving shots and lower your scores.

Chipping Tips
Chipping Tips


“Good alignment is critical for successful putting.”

Often I watch amateurs miss easy putts because of poor alignment.

Get in the habit of practicing a neutral stance line.  That means lining up your toes , hips and shoulders parallel with the target line.

To do this place a golf club or shaft along your toe line and also a club at the target line.  These clubs will act as training guides until you have automated the correct alignment through repetition.

Place a shaft under your arms and against your chest in the set up position

Golf Tips

If the shaft is facing right of the hole, the shoulders are closed and will lead to putts being pushed right of the hole.

Golf Tips

If the shaft is facing left of the hole this indicates that the shoulders are aimed to the left of the hole

Golf Tips

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