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Oct 2016

My Fall Season experience with USC-   No matter what team or sport you play- An individual will never be greater than a team of individuals working together.  Become a Role Model in everything you do.   Creating a Team Culture of Respect, Passion and Pushing  yourself  to strive and work harder 1% in everything you do will rub off on your teammates your coaches and your support team.


June 2017

Playing One Shot at a Time.    Every Golfer strives to focus on playing each shot with 100% purpose .  Our intention is to keep our focus on the right thoughts to avoid the distractions that our minds take us towards.   When playing golf, like in most areas of life we all know how difficult it is not to worry about the future and to let go of the past.    Allow yourself to be present.

Like in Life- When we dwell on the past it’s always at the expense of the future, but when you learn from the past it has the potential to make your future better.  Whenever you find yourself saying, “If I knew then what I know now”, remind yourself that unless you grow you’ll be saying the same thing 10 to 15 years from now.   Let Go of your Past.